Apple Pay Mobile Payment

Learn about Apple Pay for your USC Credit Union MasterCard and find out how an Apple Pay MasterCard will help to make your life more mobile and your wallet lighter.

Go mobile! Your entire life is mobile, you no longer carry an MP3 player, camera, mirror, voice recorder, calculator, computer, and pager anymore, it’s all in your iPhone. So why still carry that bulky wallet? Your pictures, your business cards, and now, your USC Credit Union’s credit and debit cards can all fit in your iPhone as well.


Introducing Apple Pay for your USC Credit Union MasterCard.

Now you are able to pay with a single touch using your USC Credit Union MasterCard with Apple Pay on iPhone® 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Paying is simple.

Pay in stores with a single touch wherever these logos are displayed.


Within your apps, checking out is as easy as selecting “Apple Pay” and placing your finger on Touch ID.


Set-up is a Snap!

Adding your USC Credit Union MasterCard to your iPhone 6 is easy. Simply:

1. Access the Settings app on your phone and select Passbook & Apple Pay. Your card information can be added by snapping a picture or by typing it in manually.


2. Add your card from your iTunes account to Passbook by entering the security code.


Don’t delay! Add your USC Credit Union debit/credit card to Passbook and start using Apple Pay today!