Don't Sweat the Scams this Summer

Amidst all the sunshine and fun summer brings, scammers will try to rain on our parade. Stay ahead and shield your accounts with these 5 common summer scams to look out for!

Phony Job Scams

Be cautious of job offers that seem too good to be true. Scammers often send a fraudulent check for work equipment and expect you to handle financial transactions on their behalf. Research the company, verify its legitimacy, and never provide personal or financial information upfront.

Remote Access Scams

Beware of unsolicited calls or emails offering help on a security issue. These fraudsters will request access to your devices through software like AnyDesk, instruct you to log in to your accounts, and have you purchase gift cards. Never give remote access to unknown parties and share your passwords with anyone.

Digital Scams

Fraudsters may impersonate someone you know or a USC Credit Union employee, requesting immediate money transfers via Zelle®. Or, you may be requested to send money to yourself. USC Credit Union will never ask you to send money to any account. Remember, only use Zelle® with people you know and trust.1

Vacation/Travel Scams

When booking your summer getaway, fake travel agencies and rental companies will offer free packages or cheap deals. Before purchasing a hotel or any service, research the business and look at customer reviews. Double-check your trip details in writing and only use secure booking platforms.

Phone and Text Scams

Automated calls or text messages can be used to trick you into providing personal information or making fraudulent payments. Avoid sharing personal information or engaging with suspicious calls or messages. Be wary of urgent or threatening requests and hang up or delete the message if anything seems suspicious.

We Can Help!

Beat summer scams by staying informed. You can activate account alerts through Online Banking and contact us anytime to report suspicious activity.

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1Zelle® and the Zelle® related marks are wholly owned by Early Warning Services, LLC and are used herein under license.