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Monday, May 31

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Monday, July 4

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Monday, Sept. 5

Trojan alumnus leaves green mark

This familiar three-arrow recycling logo was designed by Gary Dean Anderson, USC Class of 1970 for a design competition honoring the first Earth Day.

Earth Day, April 22 — Leave your green mark
Ride your bike to work or class. Collect cans. Plant a vegetable garden. Or participate in other ways.

Save a tree with e-Statements
Every year, Americans consume 68 million tons of paper and paperboard — the equivalent of one 100-ft Douglas Fir per person. In fact, paper products make up the largest portion of municipal solid waste in the United States.

Sign up for e-Statements on Home Banking. You’ll save paper, postage, fuel and get your statement sooner. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about them being lost or stolen in the mail.

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