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Spring cleaning yard sale
Turn clutter into cash

Closets stuffed? No room in your garage for your car? A yard sale can clear out unneeded items, provide circumstantial evidence that you are NOT a hoarder, and provide you with a small (or huge) pile of cash for your efforts.

Here are a few easy tips to help your sale go better. If you’re serious about it, get more tips before your start.

Check with city hall
You may need a permit, and there could be restrictions on advertising, hours and how many sales you can have in a year.

Make it a big event
Ask neighbors to join in to increase the inventory, spread the word, share advertising costs and help at the sale.

Free online advertising
Ads on, and can attract serious shoppers.

Making signs in the shape of arrows can make it easier to direct shoppers to hard-to-find sales. Keep in mind, that some cities prohibit signs on utility poles, trees or medians.

Other advertising venues
Place ads in local newspapers, weekly shoppers, church/market bulletin boards and Craigslist.

Clean up afterwards
Not just your yard; see if shoppers left garbage in neighbors’ yards or the street. Also be sure to remove your signs after the sale.

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