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Labor Day
Monday, Sept. 5

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NEW! 2.49% APR for new and preowned cars? Unbelievable…

But it’s true. We can’t remember when we’ve ever offered a rate this low. And it’s not one of those short-term rates dealers use to lure customers in. It’s for up to five years. You’ll kick yourself if you miss out …read more


Will your next car be preowned?

Why not? Cars today are built well enough to last for a couple spins on the odometer. Of course, as with all major purchases, a little research and preparation can save you headaches later …read more

NEW! We’ve gone mobile

As if you didn’t already love your smartphone enough, now it’s your USC Credit Union branch. Find out where to download a mobile banking app …read more


NEW! Adjustable Rate Mortgages with rates as low as 3.25%!

Our new 5/5 ARM is a variation on the traditional ARM. It lets you lock in today’s rate so you can relax knowing your rate won’t adjust for five years …read more

Take the Five-Weekend Challenge

If you live in southern California, you know how much people around the country envy you. The beach and mountains are nearby, there are thousands of places to hike, bike and camp. So why sit around the house this July? We’ve got suggestions for great outdoor recreation …read more


Meet our staff

We take pride in giving you the service you deserve whether you pay us an in-person visit or call. Get to know us …read more

Where are the best gas prices?

Don’t drive all over town looking for gas. Use your smartphone’s cheap gas app. Where do you get one? Find out how to safely and conveniently find the one that is closest to you …read more


Annual meeting

Bank customers usually don’t meet the bank president. But our President/CEO will be at our annual meeting, and we hope you’ll be there too …read more


You knew there had to be a free
ATM app

Have we mentioned how you can use your smartphone for almost everything? So if you need to withdraw cash and don’t want to pay fees, yes, there’s an app… you know the rest …read more

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