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Monday, Sept. 5

New 5/5 ARM — low rates, no surprises

Your rate today               
3.25%* / 3.595% APR*


Maximum rate change in year 2016


Lock in today's best rates, which are much lower than a 30-year fixed mortgage, for a full five years with our new 5/5 Adjustable Rate Mortgage.

After that, adjustments are capped at 2% every five years. It’s perfect if you’re planning to keep your home less than 10 years, or simply want the lowest possible payments.

No surprises guaranteed! This loan's built-in safety net gives you today's amazingly low rate for a full five years, saving you hundreds, or thousands, of dollars. After that, the rate may adjust up (or down) no more than 2%, and is locked for another five years. Plus, it comes with a lifetime cap which guarantees its rate cannot adjust more than 5% over its entire 30-year term. No surprises guaranteed.
Visit our Online Mortgage Center to apply, see rates or get more information.

To obtain this loan you must qualify for USCCU (one time $9 membership fee applies) and Pentagon Federal Credit Union (one time $25 membership fee applies).  Please call or visit to confirm eligibility. 

*Annual Percentage Rates quotes are for owner occupied, single family residences, 70% loan to value with excellent credit. Term refinance or purchase of 417K+ only. Rates quoted in effect 6-20-2011 and are not guaranteed until locked and are subject to change without notice. All loans  are subject to credit approval. Interest rate is tied to the 5 year CMT with a 2% margin. The initial rate can change once every 5 years by no more than 2 percentage points up or down never to exceed 5% over the initial start rate.  Sample payments: 30 year $417,000 loan amount with a 5 year re-price at 3.25%: 60 payments of $ $1,814.81. 60 payments of 2,231.65, 60 payments of 2,617.59 and 180 payments of 2,781.83  Actual payments will be greater with taxes and insurance. Escrow account required on all loans that exceed 75% loan to value. A credit and appraisal fee will be collected at time of intent to move forward. 
5/5 ARM Promotion: Close with our preferred title/settlement provider and USCCU will credit your loan the cost of  title insurance, escrow fee, county recording, flood certification, processing fee, IRS Transcript fee, appraisal fee, tax service fee and  credit report fee.  Borrower is responsible for 1% loan origination fee and  recurring costs such as hazard insurance, property tax and prepaid interest. Promotion may be discontinued without notice.
** Estimated, maximum rate in the year 2016

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