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Labor Day
Monday, Sept. 5

Take the Five-Weekend Challenge
July is National Public Parks and Recreation Month

Spend all five weekends in July enjoying outdoor recreation and you could win an 8GB iPod Touch. Start by taking the National Park and Recreation Association’s (NPRA) Five in July pledge.

Planning your itinerary
Search online for tips on places to go. You’ll find maps, costs, trail conditions/difficulty levels, and tips on how to prepare.
Planet Explore is a great place to find outdoor activities from camping to rock climbing. A great website for this is

For example, we’ve done some research for southern California. There are many beautiful hiking trails in nearby state parks, as well as trails for mountain biking. And you’ll find wonderful camping sites are just a short drive away.

A few other valuable resources at your disposal include the following links:

California Parks
Southern California Trail Listings
So Cal Camping

Instead of expensive hotels and amusement parks, make this July the month you and your family rediscover the outdoor beauty surrounding you wherever you live.

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