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A Message from Our President/CEO

Your credit union can do many things for you, but de-cluttering your garage is not one of them. However, we do want to get your finances in order, so here are a few timely tips.

How about a new house? No, not as a way to avoid cleaning up your current home. It’s simply that our mortgage rates are still as low as they’ve ever been, so this could be the right opportunity. Or if you’re paying a high interest rate, refinance with us to lower your payments and make some room in your budget.

We can also help with paying for and paying off school. Sometimes a financial aid package falls short of covering everything you hope it would. In those cases, our Collegiate Choice® private education loan can fill the gap. If you’re already struggling under high-interest student loan debt let us save you thousands of dollars by consolidating your student loans at a money-saving rate.

Also in spring, a person’s fancy turns to thoughts of taxes. Especially those who of you who have a 401(k) for tax-advantaged retirement investing. If you’re thinking about rolling yours over, here are a few things to consider.

After spring cleaning comes summer vacation, so we have a few tips to help you have a great vacation without breaking your budget. Also, please let us know where you’re going so out-of-the-area transactions on your cards don’t raise red flags.

If you’re planning a staycation, put The Broad art museum on your daytrip agenda. Just a short trip up the 110 from University Park, it’s an amazing place housing one of the finest contemporary art collections in the country.

So this spring, if you get tired of cleaning windows and deciding which clothes to keep and which to donate, take a break by thinking about your finances. Remember, we’re here for all your financial needs, so give us call if we can help.

Gary Perez


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