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What does the Credit CARD Act mean to you?

The Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure (CARD) Act of 2009 makes credit card terms easier to understand, especially penalty fee triggers. It also limits interest rate hikes and excessive fees.

• More time to pay from the day you receive your bill.
• More advance notice of any changes.
• Fewer “gotchas” as consumers can opt out of significant changes.
• $25 limit on late payment fees.
• Limited “universal default” — raising rates on a card because of problems on other, non-related cards.

USC Credit Union has never engaged in the questionable credit card practices that led to this consumer protection legislation. We are proud of the fair and honest value we’ve always given the Trojan Family. For example, check out our new USC Credit Union Platinum MasterCard.

How young people are affected (Hint: No more swag!)

Credit card issuers used to trap young, inexperienced borrowers with credit cards that had high rates and fees, leading many college students into deep debt. Under the new regulations:

If you’re under age 21, you must have a co-signer, or prove you can make the payments.
Card issuers can no longer offer free t-shirts, pizzas, water bottles, or other swag to entice students to apply for credit.

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