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Kids headed back to school?

Are your kids wise shoppers?

Your kids may not be financially independent yet, even if they’re in college. During a stagnant economy, the money decisions they make are important.  Here are some basics you can share with them:

Use coupons
Check local store and restaurant websites for online coupons. Also go to sites such as and Free weekly shopping papers are also a good source of coupons.

There are also group coupons sites such as or, but they require a certain number of users to commit to buying a product before the coupons can be validated.

Wants vs. needs
Can they survive without the latest iWhatever? Do they really need an $800 bike to get around campus? Teach them to think at least twice about purchases, and suggest lower-cost alternatives.

Comparison shop
Check prices from several sources before buying. And many things they need, including textbooks, may be available on eBay or Craigslist.

A teachable moment about value

The start of school would be an excellent time to discuss money management. Download Money 101, our comprehensive guide to understanding credit, budgeting, and other things your child needs to know. Also visit USC Credit Union’s financial education page, On Your Way, for financial information for the whole family! 

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