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Are credit union members smarter?

Or are they just luckier, having discovered the value only a credit union can provide?

A national financial columnist wrote that if people are sick of banks and their fees, hidden penalties and lousy interest, relief could be as close as the nearest credit union. *

Why can we do it better than banks?

We’re member-owned. And we treat our member-owners right.

We’re not-for-profit. We don’t operate to make stockholders rich(er) or to pay extravagant executive salaries and bonuses. We direct our profits back to our members via lower loan rates and competitive savings yields. We’re service-oriented. To us, you’re a member, not a profit center.

See for yourself.

It’s simply smarter to do business with us than with a bank.

  USCCU Bank
Type of Loan APR** as low as avg. APR**
New auto loan (48 months) 3.74% 6.17%
Used auto loan 4.59% 6.29%
Credit card (USCCU Platinum MasterCard) 8.15% 14.30%
Personal loan 9.90% 15.74%

(Local bank credit card rates; B of A Visa: 10.99%; Chase Slate: 13.24%; Citi Platinum Select: 11.99%; Wells Fargo Platinum; 10.15% for an average of 11.59%)
(Local bank personal rates; B of A Visa: 10.99%; Chase: 13.24%; Citi:10.49 %; Wells Fargo; 14.61% for an average of 12.33%)

  USCCU Bank
Type of Savings Account APY** avg. APY**
6-month certificate ($1,000 min.) 1.00% 0.88%
Money Market Account 1.00% 0.78%

*Liz Pulliam Weston, MSN Money, 4/9/09.
**Annual Percentage Rates and Yields effective 8/19/10 and subject to change. Data collected from and Actual loan rates received may vary depending on creditworthiness and other factors.

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