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Travelers’ best friend is back

Travel agencies experience resurgence
Not the proud white horse; his friends never left. We’re taking about travel agencies. They were supposed to be driven to extinction by online reservation systems and websites that let you compare and book airfares. But “do it yourself” travel planning may be more time-consuming than it’s worth. A recent survey of travelers said nearly half of them spent more than two hours online searching and booking trips, while 20 percent spent more than five hours.*

It seems lately travelers are rediscovering they prefer the value of travel agents. The average traveler visits multiple sites to find rates, which can change hourly. Plus, if a site recommends a hotel, is it really the best, or simply one that paid for a link?

Agents know your destination inside and out. They know the best hotels in your price range, and the places that locals eat (and the ones they avoid). They can tell you where to book interesting tours, and how to absorb the flavor of your destination by going off the beaten track safely. Even more important, travel agents can help if anything goes wrong, from cancelled flights to on-the-fly changes.

Plus, using an agent helps you avoid the nagging doubt, “ Were there lower rates available that I couldn’t find?” With a qualified agent, you can count on the best values.

Next time you’re making complex travel plans, consider an agent so you have a professional on your side.

Tips for working with a travel agent

  • Pay with a credit card to protect yourself in case of problems.
  • Ask how your agent would help in case of an emergency while you’re traveling.
  • Ask about cancellation and refund policies.
  • Ask your agent to provide pre-trip vaccination, currency, passport, and weather information.
  • Don’t do all the asking. Be sure your agent asks you a lot of questions to determine exactly what you want and how they can best meet your needs.

Another important travel tip; scan all the materials your agent provides, (itineraries, receipts, tickets, vouchers, etc.), as well as your passport, credit cards, medical records, and other documents, and send them in an email to yourself. Or make photocopies and leave them with someone you trust back home.
Give your family copies of your itinerary, and be sure you don’t post your travel plans on Facebook or other social media; you don’t want too many people to know your home will be empty. Share your trip photos online after you return.

*IBM Institute for Business Value.

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