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The financial services of USC Credit Union are just part of the benefits of being part of the Trojan Family. From time to time, we like to highlight services from other parts of the university community, such as virtual counseling from the USC School of Social Work.

The school recently launched USC TelehealthTM, an online counseling and therapy clinic serving the entire Trojan Family, including adults, children, couples and families. Founded in 1995, TelehealthTM originally developed programs to serve remote communities with limited access to healthcare. Today, typical TelehealthTM clients include working adults who find online counseling more convenient, people physically or emotionally unable to travel to a therapist’s office, and families and couples who prefer to participate from separate locations.

Using the latest online and video technologies, USC TelehealthTM enables USC therapy providers to make virtual “high-tech house calls” to patients through their home or laptop webcam. Clients receive the same high-quality counseling services conveniently at home as they would at the therapist’s office.

USCTelehealth™ accepts most major insurance and cash pay clients.  For more information, go to the USC Telehealth website or call 866.740.6502.




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