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Auto Loans as low as 2.24% APR

  • Up to 72 months
  • 100% financing available
  • New or preowned
  • No application fee

With our terrific low rates, buying a fuel-efficient vehicle a practical way to reduce your cost of driving. And hypermiling (green driving techniques) and preparing your vehicle for summer drives can save you even more money. Apply online!

Hypermiling driving techniques to save on gas!
Hypermilers use many techniques to increase their mileage. Here are some of their practical tips for everyday drivers.

Drive a stick shift
Standard transmission vehicles get better mileage.
Coast to stops
Anticipate the stop and start slowing well in advance instead of jamming on your brakes.
Take alternative routes
Plan your commute to bypass stop signs and traffic signals as much as possible.
Cruise control
Be sure you set it when driving long distances.

Preparing for summer trips
Ensure that your vehicle is ready for family vacations.

Check your engine
See if your oil is clean; if not, change it. Also check for leaky hoses and worn belts.
Study your brakes’ performance
Consider replacing your brakes if; the pedal becomes soft and mushy, or hard and resistant, or higher / lower than normal. And listen for screeching or grinding noises that indicate excess brake wear.
Replace fluids
Besides the oil, see that your coolant, brake fluid, differential and transmission fluid levels are okay.
Clean your battery
Summer heat can speed up the chemical reactions and evaporate fluids in your battery, shortening its life. Also, grime and corrosion around the terminals can act as conductors, making it work harder than it should.
Maintain your air conditioning
If it seems your air conditioning isn’t working as well as it used to, take it to an expert to check for leaks and refrigerant levels.
Check your tire pressure
Overinflated tires cause you to lose traction, while underinflated tires are susceptible to blowouts.
Check your tread
Look at your tire’s tread bars to be sure there’s sufficient tread. Or stick a penny headfirst into the tread; if the top of Lincoln’s head shows, the tread is worn.

*APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is effective as of 7/1/12, is based on creditworthiness, is our best rate and includes a .25% rate discount for automatic payments. Based on 100% financing of MSRP for new cars; 80% financing of retail Kelley Blue Book Value for preowned cars. To qualify for this rate discount, an automatic loan payment to this loan is required and must be maintained throughout the life of the loan. The 2.24% APR promotional rate cannot be combined with any other offers and does not apply to existing USCCU new or preowned automobile loans. Loan-to-Value requirements may apply. Proof of income is required at the time of loan funding. Monthly payment per $1,000 for 60 months at 2.24% APR is $17.66. This payment example is for illustration purposes only. Your actual payment may vary. Minimum loan amounts include $8,000 for a 60-month term loan and a minimum loan amount of $25,000 for a 72-month term loan. Membership eligibility requirements and membership fees may apply. This promotional rate is available for a limited time and rates and terms are subject to change without notice.


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