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Free bank checking disappearing

It’s simple; banks want to replace the income they’re losing because of new federal fee regulations.

And so they’re eliminating free checking.

But free checking thrives here at your member-owned credit union. In fact, our free Cardinal Checking beats banks on other fees as well:

  Monthly fee NSF Overdraft transfer fee # of free ATMs
USC Credit Union Cardinal Checking $0 $24 $2 28,000
Bank of America Standard Checking $9.95 $35 $35 18,000
Chase Bank Chase Checking $6 $10 $10 15,000
Wells Fargo Bank Value Checking $5 $10 $10 12,000

Information gathered from financial institutions’ websites 11/24/10 and subject to change. Bank fees may be waived with minimum balances and/or service packages. Contact banks for more information.

Plus, Cardinal Checking gives you access to 28,000 free ATMs and 6,400 shared branches. And our debit card is accepted worldwide, at every merchant that welcomes MasterCard debit cards.

Why pay bank fees? Switch to free Cardinal Checking account now.



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