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Monday, January 16

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Monday, February 20

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Message from the President

The endless and costly fees banks charge for essential things like checking accounts have put credit union value in the spotlight. We welcome the many frustrated bank customers who joined the Trojan Family’s own financial institution recently. …read more



Own your home in 12 years instead of 30
A 30-year mortgage was the standard when your parents’ generation bought homes. But with real estate rates so low today, you can own your home in just 12 years… and save a lot of money doing it! …read more

Auto manufacturers bring back rebate
If they want to lower the price of your car, let them. It’s smarter to choose the rebate anyway — and finance your car with us  — than to take dealer financing. After all, why pay interest on a larger balance than necessary? …read more


King Hall branch is on the move
We’re moving to a more convenient location closer to the center of campus. … read more

Stoplight on Karla Rodriguez, USCCU Financial Services Representative
Karla Rodriguez is invaluable to new members and current members; she opens new accounts, explains our services and helps members take better advantage of all we offer. …read more


Keep your account active
The State of California says any account that’s been inactive for more than three years must be closed and the funds surrendered to the State. Prevent this from happening to accounts you may have forgotten.  …read more

USCCU Platinum MasterCard® gives you honest, everyday value
Extra features like mileage rewards and cash back are costly add-ons that inevitably mean higher interest rates. And that’s not our style. We just give you value you can depend on. …read more


Drive safer
Remember way back when car buyers looked for flashiness and chrome? Today, we’re more sophisticated, and safety is a key consideration. Manufacturers are introducing new features that help keep you and your family safer while on the road. …read more


Game Day Dream winners
More than 800 true Trojans stopped by our booth before home games and entered to win great prizes such as autographed footballs, game tickets, and field passes. And the winners are: .…read more


Jump start your way to better money management
Make this leap year special — take some leaps of financial faith and implement some new money management techniques. Track your spending better. Set up special sub-accounts. Save gas costs by carpooling …read more


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