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Rebates are back

That’s good news for car buyers. To maximize your value, take the rebate and finance with us, rather than using dealer financing.

  USCCU Dealer financing
Purchase price  $25,000  $25,000
Auto Manufacturer’s Rebate $2,500     n/a
APR       2.49%  1.9%
Term           60 months  60 months
Payment    $399 $438
Total cost   $23,953 $26,280
Your savings     $2,327


For illustration only; your actual figures may vary. USC Credit Union APR based on $25,000 purchase and 60-month term. Additional 0.25% interest rate reduction for direct deposit or auto pay discount included.

Trojan Auto Buying
Another smart move is to tell Dave Escobar, our Trojan Auto Buying specialist, what vehicle you want. He can find it fast and get you a great price.

Apply today and have your loan before you shop

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