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Monday, January 16

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2012 is a leap year, so get a jump on better money management

You may already have a firm grip on your finances. But since 2012 is a leap year, why not take a bold step and try some new ideas?

Save money by carpooling (and save 20 minutes!)
It’s eco-friendly and economical (though if you sing in the car during your commute, we suggest giving that up), so get serious. Go to USC’s carpooling website and meet your new commuting friends. Besides saving gas and wear and tear, driving in the carpool lane shortens the average commute 20 minutes.*

Trick yourself into saving
You won’t spend what you can’t see. Why not open up a separate savings account at USCCU and use automatic transfers to put a little away each payday. You’ll forget all about it and before you can say “We need a new dishwasher”, you’ve got the funds for it.

Get coupons on your iPhone
Cellfire sends money-saving coupons to your iPhone. Try Couponsherpa for Android phones.

*Source: USC Transit.

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