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Finding the perfect car can be a daunting process. At USC Credit Union, we not only want you to have a low auto loan rate, but we also want you to have a pleasant car-buying experience. That’s why we’ve created our Preferred Dealer Network—a hand-picked group of auto dealers who meet our high standards and commit to giving you the quality service and pricing you deserve.

Take advantage of this exclusive service:

  • First get pre-approved by applying online or calling us at 877-670-5860 opt 7.
  • Then find a dealer nearest you. Call our Preferred Dealer Network contact person (see below) to set up your appointment. The only way to receive special treatment is to work directly with the contact listed on the Preferred Dealer list.
  • Notify the dealer contact you are a member of USC Credit Union, and that you’re pre-approved.
  • Finally test-drive the new or used car of your dreams, make your final choice and the dealer does the rest!
USC Credit Union Preferred Dealers List