A Private Student Loan Just for Trojans

Competitive rates, no fees, and flexible repayment options

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The Collegiate Choice Loan from USC Credit Union for undergraduate and graduate students is the perfect private student loan to help you pay for the education expenses not covered by your financial aid package. Get competitive interest rates, no origination fees, and your choice of payment options. Re-pay your loan while in-school or later without penalties. Plus, with our fast online application, you’ll get the money you need to pay expenses quickly.

Features and Benefits:

  • NO application fee, NO origination fee, and NO pre-payment penalty!
  • Interest rate is variable and currently as low as 2.02% APR*
  • Interest rate discount of 0.25% with auto-pay1
  • Applying with a creditworthy cosigner may help you qualify and/or receive a lower rate
  • Loan may be used to pay balances from the previous academic year
  • Quick application and funding process
  • 24/7 online account management
  • This loan is school certified2

Three Flexible Repayment Options:

1. Deferred Payments – Make no payments while in enrolled in school. Interest will be charged and added to your loan. Repayment of principal and interest begins 30-60 days after the 6-month Grace Period ends.
2. Interest-Only Payment Plan – Interest-only payments will begin 30-60 days after the first disbursement. There will be a minimum monthly payment of $50 for the Interest-Only Payment plan. Repayment of principal and interest begins 30-60 days after the 6-month Grace Period ends.There will be a minimum monthly payment of $50.
3. Immediate Repayment Plan – Repayment of principal and interest begins 30-60 days after the first disbursement. The minimum monthly payment will be $50.

Apply Now

Not a member? Not a problem. Here’s how to apply:
1. Apply for your student loan by clicking the Apply Now button above.
2. Once completed, click here to submit your USC Credit Union Membership Application.
Remember, you must become a member before any funds may be disbursed.

We are committed to helping USC students find the best funding for their education. If you have any questions about our In-School Private Student Loan program give us a call at (855) 382-2160.

Membership is required. Must qualify for USC Credit Union membership. Membership fee may apply; please call (877) 670-5860 or visit www.USCCreditUnion.org to confirm eligibility. Must be 18 years old or older. Must pass Chexsystem. All accounts are subject to an approval process.

*Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is effective 5/1/15. The APR assumes that you will be in school for 4 years and have a 6-month grace period before repayment begins. Borrowing $10,000 at 2.02% accrues $1,599.83 in interest during 4 years in school and the 6-month grace period. Sample monthly payment would be 179 payments of $64.44 plus a final payment of $65.07. For illustration purposes only. The APR can differ from the interest rate as it considers fees paid to obtain the loan, your interest rate, if payments are deferred and reflects the cost of the loan as a yearly rate. You are not required to make payments on your loan while in school, although you may make principal and interest payments any time. Making payments while attending school will lower your APR. The minimum loan amount is $1,000. Your interest rate will be determined by your credit score or your cosigner’s, whichever is greater. Rate is variable and can change quarterly. For further information on rates and costs, see the Application Truth in Lending Disclosure. You will be required to review the Application Truth in Lending Disclosure prior to submitting an application.
1To be eligible for the interest rate reduction for automatic payments, you must be signed up for automatic payments through University Accounting Services. If at any time automatic payments are stopped or the loan is not in repayment status, the rate discount will not be applied. USC Credit Union reserves the right to modify or discontinue benefits at its discretion and without notice.
2Your school’s financial aid office will certify your approved loan amount based upon your eligibility.