Why Your Financial Foundation is Important to USC Credit Union

Students are at the core of who we are here at USC Credit Union. We recognize the integral relationship that is formed during a student’s time here at the University, and take seriously the opportunity to build that financial foundation with each and every one of you. We want to help establish and build your credit record and help you navigate the often confusing world of finance. Our goal is to serve as your financial partners long after you graduate. We are incredibly proud to serve the entire Trojan Family—University of Southern California students (including more than 18,000 undergraduates and 22,000 graduate and professional students), alumni, faculty, and staff, as well as others who live or work in the Los Angeles area. We offer real value to all of our members—a robust suite of products and services that meets the unique needs of our unique membership. We’re not a bank. We’re a not-for-profit financial cooperative, which means that when you become a USC Credit Union member, you’re more than a customer. You’re an owner. And because we are member-owned, we don’t have shareholders, so we pass along our profits to you through better rates, low or no fees and more frequent “yes” answers. Once you’re a Trojan, you’re Trojan Family for life. We are honored to be with you every step of the way, from your first credit card or checking account to your first mortgage and more. Here, you’ll benefit from a complete selection of products and services for every stage of life. Helping you build a solid, successful financial foundation is of paramount importance to all of us here at USC Credit Union, and it begins here and now. Joining us is your first step! Working and growing together, you’ll see that your financial success will be in your hands. Your credit union. Your future. Own it.