Make the Right Move

We’re a different kind of bank, ready to help you achieve your financial dreams.

We Make the Switch Process Easy.

Switching to USC Credit Union is easy with our simple Switch Kit. We take the worry out of changing financial institutions and make moving your accounts to USC Credit Union fast, simple, and convenient.

  • Step 1

    Open an account with USCCU

    Start your application online or in one of our branches and select the Checking Account that’s right for you. Use the following steps to switch all of your direct deposits, automatic payments, and online bill payments.

  • Step 2

    Leave your old account open until all services switch to your USCCU account

    Why? It can take from 30-60 days for other entities to switch direct deposits/automatic payments to your new USCCU account. Make sure to leave a balance in the old account to cover automatic payments you anticipate during the transfer period.

  • Step 3

    List all direct deposits and automatic payments you need to switch to your USCCU account

    Use the checklist on page two of our switch kit to gather information on all the services you are switching to your USCCU account and keep track of the progress.

  • Step 4

    Prepare to transfer your direct deposit

    Contact your employer/company to see what is required to transfer your direct deposit and ask for the date when the switch will be made.

  • Step 5

    Transfer automatic payments to your USCCU account

    If you use automatic payments, contact each company to see what is required to transfer these payments; many times, you can complete it online or by phone. If you use online bill payment, cancel this service and all payments at your old account and set up BillPay through USCCU’s online banking. Make sure to use your USCCU credit or debit card for your recurring payments.

  • Step 6

    Track progress

    Use USCCU’s online banking and check your old account often to keep track of the switch progress of your direct deposits and automatic payments. Check off progress on the handy checklist on page two of our switch kit.

  • Step 7

    Close your old account

    Contact your previous financial institution to see what is required to close your account. Most likely they will require something in writing, but they might take your request over the phone. Close the old account only after all outstanding items have cleared, and the switch is complete for all direct deposits, automatic payments, and other services such as online bill pay.


Email us or call 877.670.5860 to get help from a member service representative. Make sure you download our convenient switch kit to guide you through the process and track your progress.