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USC Credit Union’s Online Funds Transfer service allows you to electronically transfer funds between your accounts at USC Credit Union and other financial institutions. Access is through Home Banking and is very simple to use. You can transfer funds online anytime, anywhere. So next time you think you have to send a check in the mail or fax, or worse get in the car and drive to the branch…think again. Life just got a little easier.

Setting up your account is easier than you think

Below are detailed instructions you may want to print to help you with the set up process.

  1. Log on to Home Banking.
  2. In the left navigation menu, go to Online Funds Transfer. This will open the Online ACH program.
  3. Set up your account following the step by step process; entering financial institution routing number, account number, and other necessary information.
  4. Two small deposits/withdrawals less than $1 will be deposited/withdrawn to/from the account for which the financial institution is being added. This process can take upto four or five business days.
  5. You will be asked to verify the amounts of these two small deposits in order to validate that the account is owned by you.
  6. Once verified, the account will be set up and you may begin to make transfers between the accounts.
  7. To conduct transfers once your financial institution is set-up and verified, simply log on and select the financial institution, the date in which the transfer will take place, the account (i.e. savings, checking, etc.), the dollar amount (between $10-$10,000), and the transfer type (one-time or recurring).
  8. This transfer will take between four or five business days.

ATM/Shared Branch Locator

SMS address, intersection or ZIP code to 692667 to find nearest surcharge-free ATMs.

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