Auto Loan Refinance Calculator

The Auto Loan Refinance calculator tool is to help you compare USC Credit Union’s competitive auto loan rates and terms with your current auto loan. You may be able to lower your monthly payment and reduce your total auto loan payoff.

To compare your current auto loan to a new auto loan at USC Credit Union, complete the form below with information of your existing auto loan:

Current Auto Loan Balance ($):
Current Interest Rate (%):
Current Monthly Payment ($):
Credit Score: 700 and above
660 - 699
630 - 659
600 - 629
0 - 599
Don't know *


Eventual Payoff on remaining auto loan amount: $11,383.82** Remaining Term: 57 months***

You have the following option(s):
36 months 4.59 APR Monthly Payment: $297.87 Total Payoff: $10,723.38 You save $660.44
48 months 4.64 APR Monthly Payment: $228.67 Total Payoff: $10,975.96 You save $407.86
57 months 4.74 APR Monthly Payment: $196.27 Total Payoff: $11,187.61 You save $196.20

 This calculator is for estimation purposes only and is not to be taken as an actual quote for loan offers.
*If you select the "Don't know" option for credit score, a default value of 680 is used in the calculation.
*** If you feel that the calculated remaining term or eventual payoff on remaining auto loan balance has turned out incorrect, please check the values that you entered for current interest rate, current monthly payment and current auto loan balance.

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