Why Do Credit Unions Have Better Rates?

Why Do Credit Unions Have Better Interest Rates?

There’s a reason more than 130 million people belong to a credit union. Consumers flock to credit unions over traditional banks for higher dividend rates, minimal account fees, and lower interest rates on loan products. The ability to earn more on deposits and pay less in fees and interest charges entices savvy consumers to open an account. But how can a small army of 5,000+ federally insured credit unions offer these benefits and a host of other financial benefits to everyday consumers?

Credit Unions are Member-Owned, Not-for-profit Organizations

Most banks operate as for-profit financial institutions that answer to stakeholders. In this environment, the focus on profits influences everything from lending decisions to interest rates assigned to loans. Earnings are often returned to private investors or shareholders, not customers. Unlike credit unions, banks maintain a distant, transactional relationship where customers exchange money for services.

But when you open an account at a credit union, you become part owner of a not-for-profit cooperative financial institution. Unlike bank customers, credit union members have voting rights that give them a say on matters related to the direction of the institution. But the real draw of not-for-profit credit unions is that profits are redistributed to members in the form of:

Fewer account fees No checking account minimums Higher earnings on deposit accounts

Since credit unions exist to strengthen the financial lives of their members, the institution’s financial success is shared with the membership – which is why credit unions are known as “financial cooperatives.” For example, Member #1’s deposits might help fund Member #2’s low-interest rate loan. By focusing on returning value to the membership, credit unions are able to offer rates that beat those of traditional banks.

Plus, members typically have access to:

  • More flexible lending decisions than traditional banks
  • Personalized member support
  • Free financial education resources
  • Lifelong membership

Better Loan Interest and Savings Rates Across the Board

Bank customers are unlikely to experience the rewards of belonging to a profitable institution – at least not in their bank accounts. Credit unions use account deposits and other earnings to provide members with competitively priced loan products and significant cost savings. In fact, you’ll often hear the phrase “people before profits” associated with credit unions.

The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) publishes quarterly product comparisons, confirming what 100+ million members already know – credit unions offer better savings rates and lower borrowing costs across the board. On average, credit union members earn more on their deposits and pay lower borrowing costs in nearly all 23 loan and product categories.

It’s easy to see why credit unions are the best choice for keeping more cash in your wallet. If you’re ready to take advantage of all credit unions have to offer, give us a try! Check our eligibility requirements and contact us if you have any questions regarding USC Credit Union membership!