Platinum Rewards MasterCard

Reward yourself and make a real difference to the Trojan Family.

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  • ✓ APR as low as 10.15%*
  • ✓ No Foreign Transaction Fees!
  • ✓ No Balance Transfer, Annual, or Over-Limit Fees!
  • ✓ Double Rewards Points on All Purchases Until 8/31/15**

With a low variable rate and a rewards point for each purchase dollar spent, the USC Credit Union Platinum Rewards credit card sets the standard for the card that pays you back. Redeem your points for cash, travel, brand-name merchandise, and charitable donations to USC.

Unique Rewards you won’t get from any other card

  • • Exclusive USC rewards, including USC merchandise and event tickets
  • • Donate your points to USC Heritage Fund or USC Endowment Scholarship
  • • Plus cash back, travel, unique vacation getaways, merchandise, gift cards and more!

You’ll enjoy distinctive features like no annual fees, no balance transfer or overlimit fees, and no foreign transaction fees. USC Credit Union will even match*** your reward donations to the USC Heritage Fund and USC Endowed Scholarship Fund. As a USC Credit Union member, you’re an owner, and we work for you. Your credit union. Your future. Own it.

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Optional Payment Protection Plan

Life happens. Sometimes extended illness or disability or involuntary unemployment makes it difficult to pay your debts. This program protects you by making the payments for you.

Benefits of a Balance Transfer

  • Save money by transferring balances from higher interest rate credit cards
  • No balance transfer fees

Balance Transfer Instructions

  1. After receiving your USC Credit Union MasterCard, call (866) 820-3867 to initiate the balance transfer process.
  2. You may transfer any amount, but the total amount of your balance transfers cannot exceed your available credit line. You may not transfer balances from other USC Credit Union loans. (Also, you should not transfer the amount of any disputed purchase or charge. If you do, you may lose your dispute rights.)
  3. Continue to pay the other credit card companies until we notify you in writing that we have approved your balance transfer. Once approved, we will pay the amount directly to that card issuer.

*Annual Percentage Rates is effective 8/27/2014 and is subject to change. Your regular variable rate is determined by creditworthiness and payment history. The minimum monthly interest charge is $0.50. The APR for cash advances is between 10.15% and 17.15%, based upon your creditworthiness and payment history, and may vary. A variable-rate penalty APR of 12.15% to 19.15% (determined by adding 200 basis points (2.00%) to your regular APR for purchases, cash advances and balance transfers) will apply, if you make a late payment in two consecutive billing cycles.

**Gas and grocery bonus rewards apply to the first $5000 in combined purchases in these categories each year. For complete program rules and conditions, visit

***USC Credit Union will match up to 100% of your Rewards Point contribution to the USC Heritage Fund or the USC Endowed Scholarship Fund up to an aggregate total of $70,000 from all contributions made by all USC Credit Union Platinum Rewards MasterCard holders per calendar year. USC Credit Union reserves the right to change, modify, or terminate the matching contributions program at any time without notice.

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