Direct Deposit

Simply your life and your finances.

Direct deposit is the easy, worry-free way to have electronic deposits – like paychecks or Social Security payments – deposited automatically into your checking or savings account. You never have to worry about losing a paycheck or going to the bank again.

  • Same-day access to your money on the day of deposit
  • Allocate deposits to checking or savings or both
  • No worry about checks getting lost, delayed or stolen


For every paper refund check the IRS issues, taxpayers spend $1. Direct deposits cost only a dime.

Fast. Secure. Reliable. Direct.

Set up direct deposit and let the money roll right in.

It is very convenient (I have direct deposit) and the staff are very accommodating. I could be anywhere in the world, and I am able to reach out to them for any unexpected issues I have on my account.


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