Millions of people are already using Zelle®, an easy way to send money to friends and family in the USC Credit Union mobile app.

Zelle® is an easy way to send and receive money, typically within minutes1. Using just an email address or U.S. mobile phone number, you can send money to people you trust, regardless of where they bank1.

Zelle® is already available within our Mobile Banking app. Enroll with Zelle® through our Mobile Banking app in just a few simple steps. After logging in, tap “More,” then select the “Zelle®” widget and accept the terms and conditions.2

For more information about Zelle®, including how to get started, please read our FAQ.

When using Zelle®, only send money to those you trust. If the recipient is already enrolled with Zelle®, you can’t cancel a payment once it’s been sent. Neither USC Credit Union nor Zelle® offers a protection program for authorized payments made with Zelle® – for example, if you do not receive the item you paid for or the item is not as described or as you expected. If you are asked to send yourself money with Zelle® or are asked to provide your Zelle® credentials, don’t click on text message links or call the number that contacted you. Do not share your Zelle® and any other passwords with anyone!


  • Send and receive money within minutes1
  • Pay no fees when you use Zelle® through our Mobile Banking1
  • Keep your account information protected — when you use Zelle®, your recipients won’t see your account number, and you won’t see theirs.

1U.S. checking or savings account required to use Zelle®. Transactions between enrolled consumers typically occur in minutes and generally do not incur transaction fees.

2Please refer to online banking for the full terms and conditions.

Zelle and the Zelle related marks are wholly owned by Early Warning Services, LLC and are used herein under license.