Wire Services

Send money safely and securely to U.S. or foreign financial institutions.

USC Credit Union’s wire services let you send or receive electronic wire funds transfers, across the country or the world. Wire transfers may come with fees so they’re best for large payments that need timely processing.


If you need to wire money, make sure it’s going to someone you know and trust. Never wire money to anyone claiming to work at a government agency or well-known firm who pressures you into paying or tries to sell you something over the phone. If you do, you’ll forfeit the protections wire transfers provide. Note: It’s illegal for a telemarketer to ask you to pay with a wire transfer. Report them if they do.*

Updated 6/21/23: Important changes to the account number and SWIFT/BIC code used for international wire transfers are effective May 30th, 2023. Please ensure that the following details are used for all future international wire transfers:

New SWIFT/BIC Code: USBKUS44IMT (U.S. BANK N.A., 800 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN 55402)
New Account Number: 158210143604

Wire Instructions

To receive a domestic wire transfer1, you’ll need this information:

  1. Institution Name: USC Credit Union
  2. Institution Location: Los Angeles, CA
  3. ABA Routing Number: 322079557
  4. Final Credit: Member’s Name
  5. Member Account #: Member’s Account Number

To receive an international wire transfer1, you’ll need this information:

  1. SWIFT/BIC Code: USBKUS44IMT (U.S. BANK N.A., 800 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN 55402)
  2. Beneficiary: USC Credit Union
  3. Address: Los Angeles, CA
  4. Account: 158210143604 (This is not your USC Credit Union Account Number)
  5. Additional Information: Indicate the final credit is to your USCCU account number, noting your account number along with your full name. Example: “Final Credit to: USCCU 1234567, Tommy Trojan”

Important: Be sure to provide all of the above information to your sending bank. If our account number 158210143604, in addition to your name and your USC Credit Union account number, are not included, your wire will not be successfully received.

To wire funds to another institution2, you’ll need to:

  1. Gather the information required by the receiving institution.
    • May include, but not limited to: Recipient name, address, and account number; Institution name, address, and SWIFT Code.
  2. Submit an online request or complete a wire authorization form at one of our branches.

Need to move money fast? Wire it.

Use our wire services to transfer money quickly, across the country or the world.

USC Credit Union does a great job accepting international money transfers.


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*Source: Federal Trade Commission.

1There is a $5 fee for incoming domestic wires, $10 for incoming international wires. Student Checking Accounts are entitled to two free incoming international wire transfers per year. Domestic wires placed before 12:00pm PST are usually received by 3:30pm PST on the same business day. Wire requests received after 12:00pm PST will not be available until 3:30pm PST on the following business day.

2There is a $20 fee for outgoing domestic wires, $40 for outgoing international wires. International wire requests received by 12:00pm are placed on the day that the request is received. However, the credit union has no control over the delivery date and makes no assurances regarding the date or time of delivery.