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  APR as low as*  
USCCU Platinum MasterCard8.15%  
BofA Card  10.99%  
Chase Freedom Card  12.99%  
Wells Fargo Platinum Visa  10.15%  

Annual Percentage Rates gathered from financial institutions’
websites 10/1/12 and subject to change. For illustration only.

Payment Protection Plan available

Life happens. Sometimes an extended illness or disability, or involuntary unemployment makes it difficult to pay your debts. This optional program protects you by making the payments for you.

Balance Transfer Instructions

Just follow these simple instructions to transfer balances from higher interest credit cards.

  1. After receiving your USC Credit Union MasterCard, you may call 866.820.3810 (PSCU Contact Center) to initiate the balance transfer process.
  2. You may transfer any amount, but the total amount of your balance transfers cannot exceed your available credit line. You should not transfer the amount of any disputed purchase or charge. If you do, you may lose your dispute rights.
  3. You may not transfer balances from other USC Credit Union loans.
  4. Make sure to continue to pay the other credit card companies until we notify you in writing that we have approved the balance transfer. Once approved, we will pay the amount directly to that card issuer.

*Annual Percentage Rates effective 10/1/12 and subject to change. Your regular variable rate determined by creditworthiness and payment history.The minimum monthly interest charge is $0.50. The APR for cash advances is between 8.15% to 15.15%, based upon your creditworthiness and payment history, and may vary. A variable-rate penalty APR of 10.15% to 17.15% (determined by adding 200 basis points (2.00%) to your regular APR for purchases, cash advances, and balance transfers) will apply if you make a late payment in two consecutive billing cycles.

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