Internal & External Transfers

Move money between USC Credit Union accounts or your non-USC Credit Union accounts.

Create a one-time, recurring, or future-dated transfer from your savings or checking account without the need for checks, wire transfers or credit cards.

Use internal transfers to move money between your USC Credit Union accounts, or between your USC Credit Union account and another USC Credit Union member’s account.

Use external transfers to move money between your USC Credit Union account to your accounts at other financial institutions. 

To start, simply:

  • Log in to Online Banking or our Mobile Banking app
  • Click on the Transfers widget
  • Set up your transfer

Sending money to another USC Credit Union member or to your external account? Add the account under the Transfers widget before setting up the transfer.

To send money securely to other individual’s external accounts, learn more about Wire Services.


When you pay your bills online, guess what makes those transactions efficient and secure? That’s right, the ACH network. In 2021 alone, this remarkable technological system processed 29.1 billion payments of more than $72.6 trillion.

Funds Availability

Internal accounts are within USC Credit Union. This includes your USC Credit Union accounts and another member’s USC Credit Union account. Internal transfers are instant, and the funds will be available immediately.

Like most financial institutions, we use the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network to process external transfers from one financial institution to another.

The funds from an external transfer made between your USC Credit Union and your non-USC Credit Union account before 5:00pm PST, Monday-Friday will be available on the 4th business day. Keep in mind, weekends or holiday will affect transfer times.

Safe & secure money moves.

Use USC Credit Union’s Transfers service on Online or Mobile Banking to make internal and external transfers.

Easy to use and transfer deposits are quick!


  • Checking Accounts

    Free ATMs. Free Online Banking. USC Credit Union checking accounts give you perks and plenty of choices from our no-fee basic to interest-bearing accounts.

  • Debit Cards

    Go cashless! Your Debit/ATM card lets you access the funds in your checking account with one quick swipe.

  • Direct Deposit

    Get paid early! Have your paycheck or any recurring payments deposited electronically into your checking account online. It’s safe, easy to set up, and a real timesaver.